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The liver is the body’s largest internal organ and one of its most complex.

Over 100 forms of liver disease have been identified, affecting everyone from newborns to the elderly.

What’s more, we are facing a shift in demographics and changing lifestyles. It therefore gets increasingly important to ask the right questions. Gaining reliable information early on can make all the difference.

There are two main issues that can prevent accurate liver imaging or delay diagnosis:1.Motion &2. liver diseases being on the rise that are potentially requiring biopsy. 

Examples of the facilities that our new SIEMENS MRI can offer:

FREEZEit technology: embrace motion –take body imaging to the next level by offering two new sequences tackling motion issues throughout the MR scan.

FREEZEit: featuring TWIST-VIBE and StarVIBE – solves today’s toughest challenge in liver imaging: motion. It allows whole new insights – but not just for the liver. It can also be applied to other body regions, such as the pelvis, lung, kidney, bowel, and abdomen.

TWIST-VIBE combines for the first time high temporal and excellent spatial resolution with full coverage for precision in dynamic liver MRI

TWIST-VIBE revolutionizes the diagnostic possibilities for oncologic imaging. It allows for robust, high temporal and spatial resolution scans, improving lesion detection and characterization. Thus, the detection of otherwise almost invisible liver metastases as well as small HCC foci becomes feasible. This immediately impacts further treatment decisions for our patients.

2. StarVIBE.
(StarVIBE) delivers robust, free-breathing, and contrast-enhanced exams for patients unable to hold their breath. The application intelligently resists motion artifacts, resulting in faster and more accurate exam results. 

(StarVIBE) sequence is ideal for MR imaging of pediatric patients. It significantly improves overall image quality and is motion robust, allowing for optimal imaging in free breathing sedated pediatric.